Rovi's TotalGuide - three media guides in one

Advanced discovery solution helps you differentiate your CE product lines

When you turn on your TV, chances are, you press the "Guide" button on your remote to find out what you're going to watch. Every day, millions of consumers use their Rovi guides to find the TV shows, sports, music, and other entertainment they already love, or to find something completely new. Rovi's guides help people connect to the entertainment they'll enjoy the most.

We're able to do this because we've brought together the right mix of technology, solutions, and metadata - information about shows, movies, music, games, etc. - and we offer them to TV manufacturers, cable and satellite service providers, and retailers. You can implement these offerings into your product lines and design them to make the content discovery process simple for your customers.

At the heart of this goal is our newest media guide: TotalGuide. TotalGuide pulls together programming information from multiple sources - linear broadcast; broadband; and personal - and presents them all in a single interface. Additionally, TotalGuide enhances the consumer experience through a rich database of entertainment metadata, extended multimedia, powerful search capabilities, and six different recommendation engines.

Intrigued? We invite you to find out more about how Rovi's TotalGuide is changing the way people discover entertainment.
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