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Changes affecting your use of GUIDE Plus+

As part of the ongoing transition to Digital broadcasting, Analogue broadcast is gradually been switched off across Europe.

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GUIDE Plus+ Customer Service

You've landed here because you are having trouble using your GUIDE Plus+® system. Our mission is to help you quickly diagnose and solve your problem so you can get back to enjoying our GUIDE Plus+ service.

Some problems may appear to be GUIDE Plus+ issues, but are in fact related to the main product into which the GUIDE Plus+ system is built, for example a PVR, DVDR, TV or VCR. The information in this section will help you quickly identify the source of your problem and help you solve it by sending you to the right place, either to the manufacturer's web site or help line, or to ours.

Also, while the GUIDE Plus+ system offers many features, each manufacturer decides which features to make available in which models. The features can also be presented slightly differently by each manufacturer. In particular, the GUIDE Plus+ system in Panasonic models is implemented quite differently than what is described in this site. Therefore, we ask that you refer to your model's Instruction Manual or contact the appropriate Service Center for all questions.

NOTE: This web site describes one version of the GUIDE Plus+ system. Differences of implementation by manufacturer and variations in guide features by year of availability are not highlighted here.

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