Sonic is now part of Rovi

Sonic Solutions is now a part of Rovi Corporation. Rovi will now be able to deliver an end-to-end solution that enables it customers and consumers to create, discover, manage, acquire, share and enjoy digital entertainment. Sonic adds advanced technologies, from industry leading tools like RoxioNow retail solution, to DivX and MainConcept video playback technology and Sonic Pro tools to the Rovi portfolio. These products complement Rovi guidance, content protection, networking, metadata, media recognition and recommendations technologies expanding the company's offering across the entire digital entertainment ecosystem.

For Consumers

Rovi's leading technology brands are helping connect consumers to their favorite Hollywood entertainment and personal media from virtually anywhere.

DivX technologies, including encoders for formatting video, decoders for playback, and digital rights management (DRM) for content protection, resides on over 300 million devices shipped into the global market from all major CE manufacturers including over 8,500 models of digital televisions, DVD and Blu-ray Disc players, and over 80 different mobile handsets. The DivX technology brand is recognized worldwide and supported by a community of millions of consumers.

For CE Manufacturers

PC and CE device manufacturers rely upon Rovi's MainConcept audio and video codec solutions to deliver superb audio and video experiences. Retailers, Hollywood studios and PC and CE manufacturers rely upon RoxioNow, a universal technology platform, to offer entertainment over the internet.

MainConcept audio and video codec solutions are used in consumer and professional applications by many leading PC and CE manufactures and creative software providers to deliver superb audio and video experiences.
The RoxioNow platform, which incorporates everything from content licensing through distribution and consumption technologies, enables retailers and consumer electronics companies to participate in the entertainment supply chain, add value to product offerings and form ongoing relationships with customers.

For Content Producers

Rovi's professional products are the Hollywood standard for premium content creation in Blu-ray Discs, DVD-Videos and more.

Scenarist is a comprehensive suite of powerful production tools that provide your business with everything you need to deliver stunning Blu-ray Disc titles.
BD PowerStation™
The BD PowerStation™ provides everything your business needs to deliver replication-ready Blu-ray Disc titles. Featuring Hollywood-proven encoding, authoring, and emulation technology, the BD PowerStation enables you to launch your Blu-ray business using a proven platform that's ready to scale as your clients' demand.
BD-J Converter is the World's only plug-in for Adobe® Flash® that automatically converts Flash animations to incredible Blu-ray Disc pop-up menus.
Sonic® Scenarist SD is the worldwide standard for professional DVD authoring. Combining industry-leading power with field-proven player compatibility, Scenarist frees you to take full creative advantage of all that DVD has to offer. Intuitive interface design and a productivity-oriented workflow make everyday tasks easy, while deep specification support gives you complete cell-level control over your title's interactive experience. Packed with exclusive features and backed-up with expert support, Scenarist is the true professional solution for DVD business success.
BD Reauthor is a unique productivity solution that can open and edit unencrypted Blu-ray Disc titles using Sonic® Scenarist®. BD Reauthor turns any BD title, regardless of the authoring application used to created it, into a "living archive" that can be used to extract assets or as a project archive for further revision and re-publishing using Scenarist.

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