Engineered to drive content consumption and increase revenue opportunities.

Rovi Cloud Platform is an end-to-end content discovery and monetization platform that enables the rapid creation and deployment of entertainment experiences. Featuring a range of comprehensive and lightweight applications and services, Rovi Cloud Platform works with both today’s infrastructure and tomorrow’s solutions.


Tightly integrated with Rovi Cloud Platform and designed to help you seamlessly build entertainment applications and services is Rovi Cloud Services, which includes:

  • Rovi Advertising Services: Advertising platform for
    multiscreen content discovery experiences
  • Rovi Analytics Services: Solutions that enable customers to measure, manage and optimize customer behavior
  • Rovi Conversation Services: Natural language understanding enabling conversational interfaces
  • Rovi Management Services: Device and profile authentication and provisioning for applications and STBs
  • Rovi Metadata Services: Unparalleled entertainment metadata facilitating content navigation and engagement
  • Rovi Recommendations Services: Personalized media recommendations driving content consumption
  • Rovi Remote Access Services: Remote device, tune,
    DVR and VOD management
  • Rovi Search Services: Predictive media search accelerating content discovery
  • Rovi Video Services: Integration of free-to-watch Internet content, VOD, live TV and cloud DVR streaming



Also facilitating ease of deployment, Rovi Global Services enables service providers, consumer electronics manufacturers, high-tech companies, and Internet and e-commerce developers to plan, design, implement and operate their investments in discovery and monetization, and bring entertainment services to market faster.

Let Rovi Cloud Platform and Services help you create an ideal entertainment experience – all while decreasing operational costs through flexible infrastructure and technology – and discover the perfect solution for you 
and your customers. 




  • Enable the deployment of new services and solutions quickly and easily.
  • Drive revenue by increasing content consumption and improving monetization capabilities.
  • Reduce upgrade costs through compatibility with legacy infrastructure.
  • Attract new customers with integrated TV everywhere, social media, OTT, personalization and customer profiling capabilities.
  • Analyze and understand customer behavior to provide personalized entertainment experiences and reduce customer churn.

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