Advanced interactive program guide


i-Guide® is an intuitive interactive program guide that provides fast, easy-to-use linear and time-shifted TV navigation plus VOD and DVR functionality. Powered by Rovi’s deeply descriptive TV and movie metadata, i-Guide helps connect subscribers with the entertainment they love.


With i-Guide, service providers can provide enhanced guidance to subscribers with comprehensive TV listings, the Quick Menu, expanded search options, parental controls and other features.

DVR capabilities are included, and value-added features like remote DVR scheduling and multi-room DVR are available through compatible applications.


i-Guide also offers VOD functionality and can help you drive revenue and measure success, with its ability to promote HD channels to non-HD subscribers.


  • Provide an enhanced discovery experience with 14 days of TV listings, DVR and VOD capabilities, and Rovi’s descriptive entertainment metadata.
  • Facilitate navigation with expanded search. By using actor/director or keywords, subscribers can find favorite shows, stars and subjects, and set up auto-recordings.
  • With the multi-room DVR application, enable subscribers to access recorded shows from non-DVR set-top boxes, start and resume programs in different rooms, and play and record programs simultaneously.
  • With the remote DVR scheduling application, allow subscribers to manage video recordings while away from home.
  • Incorporate advanced advertising and drive incremental revenue through HD-channel promotion.