Passport Guide

Industry-leading interactive program guide with advanced VOD and DVR capabilities

Passport Guide

Passport Guide® is an innovative interactive program guide (IPG) for service providers. Powered by Rovi’s deeply descriptive entertainment metadata, including high-resolution graphics, Passport Guide provides comprehensive TV listings plus intuitive search, advanced DVR functionality, parental controls and HD support.


Passport Guide enables title and keyword searches, allowing subscribers to find, enjoy and record shows and series quickly. And, you can offer robust capabilities like multi-room DVR, remote DVR scheduling, integrated search and TotalGuide xD™ through compatible applications.

With the VOD application, subscribers can easily select and purchase on-demand shows from customizable menus.


Applications are also available to facilitate purchases and upgrades for subscribers, helping to drive incremental revenue. Scalable and flexible, Passport Guide can help you meet your business needs today and in the future.


  • Facilitate discovery with comprehensive TV listings enhanced by descriptive metadata, DVR and VOD capabilities, and easy access to HD programming.
  • With the remote DVR scheduling application, allow subscribers to manage video recordings while away from home.
  • Provide expanded search functionality across linear and on-demand content.
  • Incorporate advanced advertising and drive incremental revenue through up-sell opportunities.
  • Help subscribers find TV shows and movies quickly and easily through title or keyword searches.
  • With the multiroom DVR application enable subscribers to access recorded shows from non-DVR set-top boxes, start and resume programs in different rooms, and play and record programs simultaneously.
  • Help subscribers to find deleted or missed recordings, enable caller ID, offer games and more through additional compatible applications.